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Our Services

Social Network, e-Commerce & online Classifieds

At Sasnet Media, we have seen firsthand how social networking has transformed the way people socialize on the web and how e-commerce is growing in different parts of the world.

However, despite this transformation, certain developing countries do not have online platforms that directly cater to their local e-needs. This is why we are creating social network and e-commerce platforms that are customized to meet the needs of these emerging economies. One of these platforms is

We also have websites that offer free classifieds to users in different parts of the world, these websites are available in many languages and on mobile platforms.

Registered members can advertise their products and services for free and communicate with other members through the platforms. One of these websites is

Aviation Marketplace

One of the earliest projects of Sasnet Media is the online aviation marketplace. This website enables people to advertise their aviation products and services online.

Sales of aircraft and aircraft parts and accessories are one of the features of the website. The site is

Gourmet Lovers Network

Given the fact that food consumption is a must for humans and the love of good food is an irresistible lifestyle. Sasnet Media has in the pipeline a website that caters for Gourmet lovers around the World.

Real Estate Marketplace

Around the world, having a good place to live or transact business is essential. We are currently working on a multilingual real estate website with enhancements that are relevant to this fast changing and dynamic real estate market.

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and Beauty are parts of the areas where people pay lots of attention. Having good clothing to wear is important to the majority of people around the world. And shoes play important roles in our everyday activities. Sasnet Media has recently launched an online marketplace for shoes. This site is